15 Garfield Avenue

4751 Route 42

Township Liquors

Top-Quality Beverages For 39 Years!

Township Liquor is your local and family owned liquor store right here

in the heart of New Jersey! We have 3 generations working together to serve you the finest beverages around.

FREE wine bags!

All purchased wine comes with a FREE silver wine bag along with ribbon decoration.

Call Today: 856-728-2221

Personalized service

Neat, clean, and organized stores

New Jersey Lottery at both locations!

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Our friendly and courteous staff is here to help you find the perfect bottle. We can help you find what you need.

Looking to use your liquor in a different or unique way? Come in and talk with us.

We will give you information on what you can mix your

liquor with and talk about different mixes and recipes with you.

We can help you select a perfect brew for you from our vast selection of domestic and imported beers.

We love talking to you! Whoever comes into our store is a friend of ours. Come share your drink recipes with us.

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